On-line tickets 

In order to stricter rules for Visitors during the Covid 19, we prefer eTicket or to pay with credit card. 

eTickets can be purchased up to 48 hours before the tour.

BUY TICKETs on-line

Choose a date and tour from the list. Your purchase will be completed with your credit card

Please print your eTicket and present it to the entry guide. Please observe our terms and conditions.

  1. Click the Reservations - château Kratochvíle
  2. Click the "tours"
  3. Choose the tour (I. Renaissance villa)
  4. Choose language (is not available, contact management of castle per e-mail: kratochvile@npu.cz, phone: +420 388 324 380)
  5. Choose number person (must be only free tour routes)
  6. Booking  guided tour"uncheck the box"
  7. After choose all the guided tours, click  "continue"
  8. Choose the persons (click discount - child, student, senior or disabled person)
  9. For complete your purchase eTicket use your name or phone .
  10. E-ticket is valid in printed A4 format only.
  • There are eTickets on basic tour - I. Renaissance villa only.
  • eTickets on all guided tours you can buy in ticket office.
  • If you have any questions for eTicket Portal, please don't hesitate to contact us per e-mail: rezervace@npu.cz