Plan your visit


Large parking area with asphalt surface is 200 from the entrance gate. Parking is paid (40 CZK - car, 30 CZK - motorcycle and 100 CZK - bus). Standing time is not limited.


Public toilets are adapted for wheelchair users - with support handles.

CHURCH: Access to the church from the south side: first 3 stairs (16 + 16 + 16 cm) or downhill slope (length approx. 1, 5 m) - only with the help of a guide, then directly to the church from the south side: a stair (6 cm). Entrance from the north side, from the garden: 3 stairs (14 + 18 + 17 cm).

VILLA: Ground floor - entrance with double doors, a stair (6 cm). The ground floor is only partially accessible to clients on a wheelchair  (increased door sills by 6 cm).

After a phone call, maybe a tour of the Renaissance interiors of the 1st floor of the villa. After climbing the staircase (16 + 11 stairs) the movement on the 1st floor is almost barrier-free (increased stone door sills by 9 cm).

GARDEN: barrier-free, paths with firmed sand surface. Accessibility is very good, in some parts there are stone stairs, but they can be very well traveled by another route.


Entrance to the castle garden is possible if your pets are on a leash and do not endanger other visitors. To entrer of animals is forbidden to interiors of chateau. Smaller pets can take a tour but only if they are in a bag; if they do not disturb the tour by whining, barking, growling; and do not endanger other visitors.


Cycling is prohibited in the area. Bicycles can only be guided in the castle gardens. It is forbidden bicycles to lean against the walls.

Child facilities

Baby changing table is in public toilets.


Sweetshop-cafe - Elephant Bastion - with comfortable seating right in the garden offers coffee, tea, soft dinks, cakes, ice-cream ... Restaurant 50 m from the entrance gate and with seating on the terrace overlooking the chateau. Aanother refreshment are in town Netolice (2 km from the castle).